If you’re like me, the hardest part about switching from plastic bags to reusable grocery bags was remembering to actually bring them, which is why this tote bag from Emily McDowell (love her!) cracked me up.

Of course, this cute bag can’t actually force you to remember it, but it’s definitely a hilarious way to celebrate the small victory with your fellow shoppers when you do because, well, I’m pretty sure we can all relate.

And if you need a little reusable grocery bag advice: Stock up on a bunch and leave them in your car, or do what I do and leave your trunk open (well, suburban dwellers, that is) until you’re completely done unpacking so you’re forced to walk out to close your trunk and bring the bags with you. Either way, here’s to fewer plastic bags. And more laughs.

You can purchase the I Remembered My Grocery Bag! tote bag at Emily McDowell’s website.

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