My kids’ backpacks are filled to bursting every morning as they leave for school, with books, lunch, snacks, and whatever else they can find to cram in there, it seems. Adding something else to that haul might seem ludicrous, but I love the environmental aspect of sending them off with cloth napkins like ToGoKins.

Those of you who are crafty might be able to make them yourself,  but for me, it would be June before I pull out my sewing machine and actually do it. So this little Etsy shop is a great resource. Their adorable little cloth napkins are just that. Little. (And adorable. Don’t forget adorable.) They roll up into the tiniest of packages with the attached tag and snap system and will fit easily into an already-jammed lunch box.

I do find that some of the  fabric choices are cooler than others, but with so many to choose from, it shouldn’t be hard to find something that will appeal to your child. Or you, for that matter. I can think of about a thousand ways they would come in handy, from picnics to travel.

To.Go.Kins Travel cloth napkins | Cool Mom Picks

To.Go.Kins Safari cloth napkins| Cool Mom Picks

To.Go.Kins Apples cloth napkins | Cool Mom Picks

An extra nice touch is the tie that snaps, to hold the napkin together in a little roll. And I love that they make it possible for my kids and me to feel like we’re helping save the planet, even just one tiny napkin at a time.

Find ToGoKins reusable cloth napkins online in their lovely Etsy shop.