So you should know a couple of things about me right off the bat. I live in jeans all fall and winter, like every single day. And I will happily spend a fair amount of money on them if I find a pair that fit me really well, which after having four kids is no easy feat.

That’s why I’m really digging the new Jen7 jeans from 7 For All Mankind.

Now I’ve been a long time fan of 7 For All¬†Mankind jeans. In¬†fact, they are probably the first pair of higher-end jeans I ever purchased back before I had the major post-motherhood muffin top situation that either requires me to wear a flowy top all the time or a belt to keep them from¬†falling off. What is up with that?

So you can bet I was very curious to try their new Jen7 jeans that they say are made for, well, people like me.

Jen7 burgundy skinny jeans | review on Cool Mom Picks

I’m generally hard to fit because although I have a pretty typical rise and more shapely¬†figure (which I think is usually the easiest to fit for jeans), I’m tall–just under 6-feet–which can complicate matters unless I want to be wearing skimmers all winter. Bare ankle club FTW! But I have to say that I was surprisingly¬†impressed with how perfectly the pair of Jen7 skinny jeans fit me–and not just because¬†it was a size 8 (which is uh, not my usual size).

Awesome stretch, good length just above my ankle bone, and best of all, a rise that came just below my belly button, holding me in without making it feel like I was wearing high waisted pants. That would be bad.

Jen7 Jeans review: Black skinny jeans on Cool Mom Picks

Turns out I definitely agree with their claims that these could be your one, awesome ,wear-all-the-time pair of jeans, especially if you opt for the dark wash skinnies which are really easy to dress up or down.

Now I do wish they were a wee bit tighter around my ankles, which leads me to believe they might be aimed at¬†women who are not super tall like me, but I rolled them up once and they worked perfectly with flats, and even booties. If you’re average height, I bet the 29-inch inseam makes them¬†perfect for you.

Let’s be honest here, not everyone can drop almost $200 on a pair of jeans. I get it. Because yeah. $200. But if you wear jeans as often¬†as I do and are as frustrated as¬†I am at how often you find yourself tugging at them, pulling them up, or trying to find shirts that accommodate them, you’ll definitely want to give these a try. They stay¬†put so well that I hardly¬†know what to do with my hands.

Oh right. The kids.

You can purchase the Jen7 jeans online at Nordstrom. Thanks to Jen7 for sending me a pair to try out. Cool Mom Picks is a reward style affiliate.