I just cooked to say I Love You. And Superstar, and Happy Birthday, and pretty much any message up to 17 letters that can be stamped into a cookie. Thanks to this genius customizable Cookie Stamper, you can customize any message with letters, numbers, hearts, stars–even plenty of exclamation points!!!

Customizable cookie stamps via The Fancy


Fancy Customizable Cookie Stamper

Each kit comes with a wooden stamper, a silicone base that resists heat, and an entire sunny alphabet of non-stick letters, numbers, icons, and punctuation. Whether you’re making cookies for a new mom, planning racy treats for your anniversary, looking for creative DIY teacher gifts for the holidays, or just want a seriously cool present for the baker in your life, it’s a lot easier to stamp cookies than squeeze flawless writing out of an icing bag, right?

Your future carpal tunnel will thank you. And so will whomever ends up with delicious cookies.

Find this Customizable Cookie Stamper at Fancy. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks, so order early if you want them by Halloween.

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