When I finally figured out how to get my babies in a good, tight swaddle, it changed my life. My night life, at least, becauseĀ mama finally got to sleep. So I mean itĀ when I say aĀ good swaddling blanket makes all the difference in the world, because no matter how well you swaddle your baby, if it comes undone 30 minutes later it’s useless. That’s why I’veĀ been a fan of Aden + Anais since the day they first hit shelves. But now that I’ve seen their new Pure Merino Muslin collection of luxury swaddling blankets, I’m almost looking forward to the new batch of sleepless nights I have in my future.


Aden + Anais Pure Merino swaddle blanket in blue ombre

Aden + Anais Pure Merino pink lamb security blanket

Aden + Anais pure merino dream blanket

Aden + Anais Pure Merino sleeping bag

Aden + Anais and The Woolmark Company have teamed up to create these blanketsĀ in a muslin made from Woolmark’s incredibly soft merino wool. Please,Ā don’t see “wool blanket” and think of your itchy picnic blanket. This fabric is soft, soft, soft. It still has their breathable weave, so that baby’s temperature will be regulated while he sleepsā€”keeping him comfortable and happy, so you can sleep too.

And let’s talk about that stunning ombre dip dye.

Aden + Anais will launch with their classic swaddling blanket, the sleeping bag we all love, a dream blanketĀ (which is my favorite blanket ever), and a security blanket. The prices, obviously, are higher on these items than their regular prices. But they come packaged in a beautiful linenĀ box, making it a really nice gift for the new parents in your life.

Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury with theĀ Pure Merino Muslin collection from Aden + Anais. After thoseĀ sleepless nights, you deserve it.

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