We’re big believers in the benefits of babywearing around here. And now that my husband and I are planning an adoption, I’ve been looking even more into the benefits of attachment to adopted kids through babywearing, and I’m convinced it’s the right way to go for us. So when I found out the Ergobaby Four-Position 360 Carrier now allows you to carry your baby forward-facing, something you couldn’t do in their other models, I had to try it out.

I admit I’ve been hesitant to invest in an Ergobaby carrier in the past, even as the designs got more contemporary, because I wasn’t crazy that babies only had the option to face inward. Although I know plenty of experts believe that’s the right way to go, my own kids have always been much happier looking out from their carriers. With the Ergobaby 360, now babies can face forward while sitting in the frog-legged position that puts the “ergo” in Ergobaby. This protects their hips and spine, plus obviously it also allows older babies to happily see the world around them while still being close to Mommy or Daddy.

(And okay, less drool down my cleavage is a bonus.)

Comfortable and ergonomic baby carrier: Ergobaby Four-Position 360 Carrier

Ergobaby 360 baby carrier now lets babies face front too

Ergobaby has such a cult following in part  because they’re so comfy to wear; the wide waistband distributes the baby’s weight evenly to save your own back. Past versions of their carriers have used a clip fastener, but on the 360 model, the band connects via a large patch of Velcro. I do have to be honest, it looks a little like the belts Home Depot workers wear to protect their backs, but I guess that’s a sign of decent support. And maybe the male babywearers among us won’t mind that quite as much.

If you look around, you’ll find some heated opinions on discussion boards about the Velcro being harder to use, but it seems to be a necessary upgrade in order to have a comfortable fit without a clip digging into your back when your child is forward facing. Also be aware that the Ergobaby 360 is not as light or flexible as some other baby carriers out there, if that’s a priority for you, but it does offer enough support that you can carry your child up to three years old. There’s a reason it’s getting so many rave reviews from moms I talk to.

Oh, and I’m also a fan of the sleeping hood that comes with the carrier, which can protect against sun or wind, act as a cover during breastfeeding, or just serve as a “back off” warning if you don’t want strangers getting too close. Still weird when that happens.

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