From the woman who tells us everything that’s “a good thing,” there are now ten more good things for us all to discover via the Martha Stewart American Made 2014 winners. Here’s just a few we’re amazingly impressed with.

Kalon Studios Handmade Table | MS American Made Winner

Kalon Studios handmade wooden cribs | MS American Made Winners

Kalon Studios Child's Tent | martha stewart american made winner

Kalon Studios: Michaele Simmering and Johann Pauwen’s gorgeous modern furniture is all designed in LA and US-made. From a gorgeous handmade crib we recently featured in our black and white nursery roundup,  to a modern play tent and plenty of modern craft furniture for adults, we’re coveting all of it.


Heather Lins DIY Stitch the Stars Embroidery Kit

Numbered napkins by Heather Lins

Conversation Pillow by Heather Lin | MS American Made winner

Heather Lins is a Madison mom making very cool DIY embroidery kits that make terrific gifts for novice crafters, or crafty wannabees (like, uh, me).  We also love her cool numbered napkins and fun pillows so much!


Clark's Botanicals - amazing line with an amazing story

Clarks Botanicals looks like an incredible line of high-end grooming and beauty products born from a remarkable second chance story; after a spinal cord injury twelve years ago, Francesco Clark lost the ability to sweat. So he (along with his physician dad) created these luxury balms, serums, and lotions to solve problem skin for men and women using botanicals and precious essential oils. Francesco works on the business from a carriage house in Bronxville, NY, between daily physical therapy exercises. And a percentage of profits go to the Christopher Reeve Foundation. Yay for dad-and-pop businesses!


Egg Collective Bookcase all handmade in the USA

Wu Side Tables by Egg Collective

Egg Collective Brooklyn made furniture

Egg Collective  makes more beautiful handmade furniture right in Brooklyn, and I admit I always have a bias towards my neighborhood makers. Look at the details on pieces like that navy Hangar Bookcase or the simply elegant Wu Sidetable and you’ll know why Crystal Ellis, Stephanie Beamer and Hillary Petrie made the cut.


Detroit Dirt turning empty lots into urban Detroit farmland

Detroit Dirt: We have to give a nod to Pashon Murray’s compost company that’s turning forgotten lots in Detroit into actual urban farm. And a nod to the MS staff for giving her the recognition she deserves.

But don’t just stop here! There are other great winners and so many brilliant American Made finalists, including a lot of makers we’ve known and loved for years, that surely you’ll see some of them here in the coming weeks and months. Truly, this is just a start. Yay for all these cool little companies living the dream–and doing it right here.

Check out the Martha Stewart American Made 2014 winners plus hundreds of other nominees on the site and keep these indie makers in mind come holiday time.