We recently discovered the loveliness that is Designed by Artists, an emporium full of whimsical, wonderful, handmade baby and toddler blankets, all created by local Houston artists. And I’m not sure how I missed their signature design, but it’s totally captured my heart – designer Insun Hong’s baby blanket that says You’re About to Embark on a Serious Adventure.

Have truer words ever been spoken?

And so...the adventure begins | handmade baby quilt at Designed by ArtistsAnd so...the adventure begins | handmade baby bib and burp set


I absolutely love the typography, the color choices, the velvety soft backing…everything. And what’s new is that now you can spend a little more and have it completely personalized with your baby’s name and year of birth. Or, grab the same design as a bib and burp cloth set that can also be personalized for your little adventurer.

For something really special, also check out the brand new selection of handmade baby quilts, one hipper than the next.  It’s like the ultimate baby shower gift coup, especially in the cool little matching pouches they come in.

Baby it's cold outside | handmade baby quilt

John Lennon quote handmade baby quilt

Cool handmade baby alphabet quilt at Designed by Artists

Oh come on, don’t tell me your baby already has a quilt with a John Lennon quote on it.

Find the selection of  handmade baby blanketshandmade baby quilts, and more at Designed by Artists.