I loved every single one of the¬†smart t-shirts for girls from Peek, so pretty cool that they’ve created a line of smart t-shirts for boys too, in particular, this one featuring the¬†words of one of the most amazing men on the planet.

The Mandela quote t-shirt is made for boys of all sizes (toddler through tweens!), although yes, they’ll work for girls too. Truth be told, as a mom of a boy, it’s always awesome to find clothes just for him¬†that are smart and inspiring, especially in¬†the sea of¬†sports logos and¬†monster trucks. After hearing all of your own requests for more cool clothes for boys, I know I’m not alone.

And if there’s a quote to put on my kids, it’s one about education, especially when they’re moaning and groaning their way out the door¬†to¬†school. Yes, son, that is why you had to do those five¬†math pages and read for 15 minutes. Now go change the world.

You can purchase the Mandela quote t-shirt for boys by Peek, as well as a bunch of other smart t-shirts for boys from their line, at Nordstrom. Cool Mom Picks is a reward style affiliate.