Having been the resident stroller expert around here for years, believe it or not, I still get excited when I hear about cool new jogging strollers. It’s great to know that stroller manufacturers are increasingly thinking about us who want to push our kids around more places than a shiny mall floor. And now there are three new all-terrain stroller models on the way that are so cool, you new parents in the market for one are going to have a tough time choosing a favorite.


All-terrain stroller: Orbit O2 Stroller


I loved my Orbit stroller with my own children; it was so versatile and easy to use with its special SmartHub, allowing my baby to face any direction, it was a breeze to move him into and out of the car. Now, Orbit is coming out with the Orbit Baby O2 stroller, their first-ever jogging stroller. It’s got the same cool SmartHub convenience in a new chassis designed to make running with a baby easy and comfortable. Well, except for the part where you actually have to run. The O2 will be available in summer 2015 (awesome for those of who just got back your positive pregnancy tests) and will have a special performance mode that puts baby into a special position for running. It will also be one of the only jogging strollers where the baby can be rear-facing while jogging.

Well, you’ll be jogging. Not the baby.


All-terrain stroller: Bugaboo Runner Stroller Extension


Okay you Bugaboo fans, this is the one Bugaboo is also coming out with their own option for joggers. Due out in spring, 2015, it’s technically not a dedicated stroller, but a clever extension for all existing Bugaboo strollers to turn them into one. The Bugaboo Runner Jogging Stroller Extension allows you to use the seat of any Bugaboo stroller to go for a run. And, like the Orbit, it’s going to allow baby to be rear-facing, which is going to be so great on windy days and for little ones who need to see their mamas and daddies.

Of course they already have the Bugaboo Buffalo All-Terrain Stroller, if you’re looking something that can handle cobblestones and snowy walks, but for actual runners, the Extension should be a sweet addition.

Stokke Trailz All-Terrain Stroller | Cool  Mom PIcks


Finally, there’s the new Stokke Trailz stroller (also at top), an exciting new ride that is similar to Stokke’s other offerings, but is designed to help families get outdoors and be active. While it’s not a jogging stroller, the Trailz stroller chas that advanced tire suspension to handle all kinds of rough terrain while still giving baby a smooth ride. (In which case it’s more like the Bugaboo Buffalo, should you be comparing.) It has that also helps keep the baby up high, closer to you, one of the benefits Stokke parents have always loved. And in six gorgeous colors, you’ll have fun picking your fave. This stroller just launched in the US at the beginning of October after a successful summer across Europe, so it’s ready whenever you are.

In my experience, the easier it is for a new parent to get out with baby, the more I’ll do it. Any one of these awesome strollers would be a perfect way to give baby–and postpartum moms–an active and healthy start to the new year.

Keep an eye on CMP fave Magic Beans for information on how to order the Orbit or the Bugaboo all-terrain strollers as soon as they become available. The Stokke stroller is available now at Stokke.com. But be warned: at $1300, it’s definitely a luxury ride. 

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