There aren’t many wooden toys for toddlers that I can imagine an older kid would love too, but these super nerdy ABC blocks from Uncommon Goods are a major exception. They’re made from locally sourced wood and printed with non-toxic inks, featuring letters, illustrations, and scientific vocabulary words. They’re safe for toddlers to gnaw on, sturdy enough for preschool architects, and offer such cool reading material that middle schoolers might use them as a study reference for science class.

Or hey, maybe your kindergartner will wow her teacher with talk of buckyballs and the water cycle. It’s never too early to start geeking out at the wonders of science.

In fact, the creator of these awesome blocks, Tiffany Ard, tells an awesome story of how her own nerdiness began, which she attributes to her mathematician father who scrawled formulas on the bathroom wall. Hopefully in pencil.

These blocks are on the higher end price-wise, but considering the materials used and the likelihood that kids will love them for a decade or more, I think they’re a pretty fabulous gift, whether the lucky recipient’s parents were Nobel Prize contenders or learned everything they know about chemistry from binge-watching Breaking Bad.

Pick up these super nerdy ABC blocks at Uncommon Goods. And don’t forget to check our archives for more gifts for the geeks on your holiday list.