I never would have guessed¬†that a ten-pound¬†baby could bring so much joy–and so much back pain.¬†I’ve recently been trying out the¬†Orbit Baby¬†car seat, and from my perspective it’s a game changer. Plus a real back-saver that I’m thinking could have eliminated¬†a few trips to the chiropractor for me over the years.

My back and I appreciate Orbit’s SmartHub Technology,¬†which allows me to¬†set the bassinet¬†into the base (or the baby into the car seat)¬†with her facing me while we walk; then¬†I can twist¬†it to the rear-facing position for driving. It’s such a simple, innovative detail that makes a huge difference.


The Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Seat twists from front to back - easy!

The Orbit Baby G3 Stroller base fits multiple car seats

Price-conscious moms (all of us, right?) will like that the¬†entire Orbit¬†system has a modular design that can be upgraded as your child grows. Each piece is purchased separately so you¬†can customize the stroller for whatever your needs. Unlike most brands, the stroller base comes without a seat, and it works with all Orbit Baby (Gen 1, 2, and 3) baby seats. If your baby¬†is sleeping in the car and you want to get on the move, just switch the bassinet car seat to the stroller base–and cross your fingers she stays conked out, right?). If she wants to sit up and look around, use the stroller seat.

There are some really nice upgrades to¬†the G3 stroller, like the foam grip handles that adjust¬†to three positions,¬†so both a¬†5′ 5″ sister and 6′ 5″ husband can take a turn, comfortably.¬†My personal favorite feature though is the¬†“flip-flop friendly” color-coded braking system‚ÄĒred locks the wheels¬†and¬†green lets you go again‚ÄĒwhich means no more botched pedicures when I¬†try to lift up a latch with my¬†foot.

And when it comes to a car seat, safety is key for me above all, so¬†I like that there are some¬†steel¬†components where other brands use plastic. It’s also a bonus that

As for folding, The G3 stroller not fight back when¬†it’s time to collapse it,¬†unlike many¬†I’ve tried. The chrome bar behind the G3 base twists,¬†you lift up, and the whole thing folds instantly, just like it’s supposed to.


Folding the Orbit Baby G3 infant car seat is easy!

The Orbit Baby G3 Toddler Car Seat uses steel components, not plastic!

All this said,¬†the¬†Orbit G3¬†isn’t for the faint of wallet. At more than¬†$1,000 for the whole system, it is an investment you want to be sure you’re ready to make, because it¬†isn’t compatible with other car seat bases, strollers, or accessories. That’s all because of the way that¬†fantastic SmartHub twist-and-lock base is designed.

So if you’ve got a Snap-N-Go lying around from baby #1,¬†and have your heart set on the Orbit G3, go ahead and donate that now.

In my opinion, their¬†high-grade durable fabrics, eco-friendly components (they take¬†this seriously, mamas;¬†check the¬†full list of components and chemicals¬†to see if they’ve eliminated something your’e worried about),¬†ergonomic design, and modular system makes this¬†a smart purchase if it’s in your budget.

Or maybe the budget of several really generous friends who are willing to go in on it for your baby shower.

Purchase your Orbit Baby G3 Travel System at the Orbit Baby website, on our affiliate Amazon, or at baby boutiques near you. Thanks to Orbit Baby for providing us with one to try out.