NYC local cupcake shop Baked By Melissa has had us wrapped around their finger since they rolled into town with their delicious bite-sized cupcakes and clever ideas–remember the cupcake gumball machine and the Betsy Johnson cupcake? We even have their insanely good cookie dough cupcakes in our 2014 holiday gift guide, as an awesome BFF gift.

Their latest creation is just as innovative as all of those: the Baked By Melissa online cupcake creator, ready for wannabe dessert artists to flex their design skill.

You can choose from 16 flavors and turn a blank digital canvas into your own virtual artwork made up of anywhere from 100 to 2500 cupcakes.  We can’t stop playing with it, and neither can our kids!


Design your own cupcake art at Baked By Melissa

Design your own cupcake art with mini cupcakes: NYC skyline
Of course once you have your design finalized you can order it in real life, for a great client, special friend, or everyone at your favorite salon. Just be sure to check the prices before you get your hopes up: Cupcake Art orders start at $85 for 100 cupcakes and it goes way, way up from there.


Minion cupcake art made from hundreds of mini cupcakes at Baked by Melissa

Sadly, these edible masterpieces aren’t available nationwide. (Sorry, friends outside of the NYC area.) But if you’re local to New York, for $10-20 they will deliver your cupcakes in Manhattan or you can pick up at any of their New York or New Jersey locations.

Sweets artists should know that the virtual cupcake creator is better than some of the art apps on my daughter’s iPad, and it’s absolutely free. Case in point: Their cupcake art gallery features tons of designs from kids, excited to share their creations. And, I’d imagine, hope their parents will let them eat them too.

Head on over to the online cupcake art creator at Baked By Melissa and have fun!