I have a weakness for beautiful desserts, and our Pinterest boards are full of recipes I can’t wait to try. I’d love to serve a new cake at my holiday parties this year, but you know how brand new recipes and big events sometimes don’t go so great together, especially that time you really need everything to be perfect? Yeah. The Nibble cake pan with a tasting cup is my newest strategy for making sure my party treats aren’t a Pinterest fail.

Oh, who am I kidding. It’s really for those of us who just can’t wait to get a little bite of whatever we’re cooking, without having to sneak a bite off the bottom. (What? Who would ever do that?)

This cool pan has a mini-cupcake-sized cup where you can place a bit of my batter to bake alongside the whole cake–just know it will cook before the rest of your masterpiece so you might want to get your nibble in early.


Nibble cake pan, the baking dish with a small tasting cup

Bake a tiny bite alongside your cake with the Nibble cake pan

Even more importantly, it allows the kids to take a bite without destroying the whole thing before you are actually ready to serve. Kind of like licking the batter, only the batter is finished.

You can find the Nibble cake pan at Quirky, our affiliate Amazon, or a specialty shop near you.