This year, I was delighted to be treated to a most surprising gift: A bottle of Revitalizing Body Oil from the brand Tata Harper, which is not new to these pages but was new to me. Since then, I have not stopped telling friends about it. Seriously. Ask the rest of the Cool Mom Picks team and they’ll be like, “we know! we know!”

As someone who is super picky about lotions, oils, and other beauty products (and gets to sample a whole lot of them) I’m not often so impressed so quickly. If you’re looking for an incredibly indulgent, luxury body oil, ladies? Here’s what I love about it.

The scent is utterly fantastic–not too heavy and definitely not too feminine. It’s more like a citrusy, herbal blend that’s just delicious. Ingredients like olive, sunflower and grape seed oils plus grapefruit extract, apricot kernel oil and geranium are all-natural, and 96% organic. But what totally sold me is how it feels–enriching but not at all greasy, fast-absorbing and utterly refined in its texture. I can’t think of a better adjective for it, in fact.

Now I totally understand why this is the body oil used in high-end spas like Canyon Ranch. Although lucky you, you can get it right from Sephora online.

Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil. We love it, we want to marry it.

I can’t speak to the anti-aging properties or “improved oxygenation” just yet. But the Revitalizing Body Oil is so wonderful as nothing more than a body oil, any other benefits are just bonuses as far as I’m concerned.

The one problem: Now I’m an addict, and oof, this stuff is pricy. If you’re a luxury beauty product fan who’s willing to splurge (or have a really really nice friend, like I do) you may have found a new favorite. As for me, I’ll be making every drop last as long as I can.

Find Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil online at our affiliate Sephora. And visit our post for a full review of Tata Harper natural beauty products