As a writer, I’m of the mind that you can never have too many journals or blank books on hand. I stockpile them like a zombie apocalypse conspiracy theorist, hoarding canned goods and ammo. But unlike gunshot, they also happen to make great impromptu gifts. So I love the made-to-order, illustrated, handmade Moleskine journals from Elena Mazzali of Etsy shop La Douceur du Miel (“The sweetness of honey”).

This plain, unlined journal is just made for recipes, honey-based or otherwise. But the other journals–which the artist cleverly calls “Mieleskins”–are pretty great too. Like a bear rocking out to a Beatles cassette. Or the ridiculously cute polar bears with the line, hooray for cuddles which is perfect for a new parent who needs a not-quite-a-baby-book to scribble down those quick notes and memories.

I just love Elena’s charming style; her love for illustration and her characters comes through on each one.

Handmade illustrated Moleskine journals by La Douceur du Miel on Etsy

"Hooray for cuddles" handmade Moleskine journal

Each journal is lovingly hand-painted to order and ships from Italy so if you need it tomorrow, it’s not going to happen. Then again, once you have a Moleskine on hand for jotting notes, you can remind yourself things like “Need a new Moleskine” and you can plan ahead next time.

Find the handpainted Mielskin Moleskine journals and more cute paper crafts and illustration at Etsy’s La Douceur du Miel.