As a bona fide (oh look, I used a fancy Latin word!) word nerd, I have a particular fondness for¬†gifts that we’ve featured here like the grammar police mugs¬†or¬†fun books for kids¬†that play with language. But then, alas, I am imperfect. I spell occasionally¬†wrong the first three times, every time; and I can never remember the difference between toward and towards. So I thank the heavens for Mr. Strunk and Mr. White, whose dogeared Elements of Style¬†I bought in collegeyes, the¬†actual paperback book–still remains within arms-reach of my computer. So¬†of course I’m happy to see that our friends at Litographs have released an Elements of Style t-shirt.

At first glance all of the tees from Litographs look like a design that conceptually represents a classic book. Then you look a little closer and you realize that the design is made up entirely of the text from that book. Really cool.

Now of course that means that it might encourage some extra attention directed at your chest–but hey,¬†if it’s from a fellow word nerd, maybe you’ll find a new best friend.

Find the new¬†Elements of Style t-shirt¬†online at Litographs in several colors. It’s also available as a tote and a poster.