It’s been pretty well established by now that girls are capable of loving both science and pink. They might even like dinosaurs and pirates and trucks and purple princesses…all together. I know, it’s like a world gone crazy for most mainstream toy marketers who can’t seem to reconcile this wacky “girls like science and trucks” stuff. But hey, there’s hope. Maybe they’ll take some cues from Princess Awesome, a new clothing label for our times.

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Washington, D.C. moms Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair had so much success with their handmade dresses for babies and girls featuring dinosaurs, pirates, airplanes and even STEM themes like Pi or the Periodic Table, that they’re making the move to US factory production through a Kickstarter campaign.

If you’re wondering if this is just a niche market, they’ve already past their $35,000 fundraising goal with a whole 25 days left to go.

As a mom who once stood, paralyzed in the diaper aisle, wondering if somehow the “boy” diapers wouldn’t work right on my young daughter who preferred Toy Story‘s Woody to princesses, well hallelujah.


Princess Awesome train dress for girls

Princess Awesome trucks dress for girls

Princess Awesome Pi Dress for STEM loving girls

I happen to love that Pi dress–their most popular style–and for a $50 donation, you can grab your own (or one of two other styles) in sizes 2T-8, along with a pin and a PDF coloring book. $30 will get you a baby onesie. But if you’ve got deeper pockets, check out the $500 reward that includes a personalized wall-hanging from their fabrics featuring your daughter’s name. Or, son’s name, I should add. If we’re talking about gender equality here, there are quite a few boys I know who really dig princesses and that very pretty purple fabric.

Learn more about Princess Awesome on their website, and check out their Kickstarter Campaign if you want to help them get their business off the ground, and grab some clothes from their first production run.

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