Keeping the playroom clean is a regular battle at our house, and I’m ready for a truce. But when I start to get sick of the mess, I usually turn to storage bins as my go-to method for keeping clutter to a minimum. It’s a system that’s easy enough for my kids follow when they clean up—they just dump their toys in the bins. And it works for me, because I don’t see a mess everywhere.

Lately, I’ve added the modern shelving and storage bins from Sprout Kids to my wish list. If you’re looking for an IKEA Kallax storage system alternative, take a look at these affordable DIY options and you’ll see why they’re cool.

The whimsical, playful shape of the wavy, modern bookshelf (or the smaller 25-cubby bookcase) made from recycled wood fiberboard makes it a perfect piece for kids. The corners are rounded which makes me feel good about it for toddlers, it comes in three great colors, plus it’s got so much potential.

I could use the small 9-shelf unit in my kids closet to store sweaters and shoes, while the huge 49-shelf unit would be a perfect addition to a playroom. It’s open on both sides, making it an ideal piece to divide in a large room into smaller spaces, and you can fill it with Sprout Kids’s cool, modern corrugated cardboard storage bins for books, toys, video games, LEGOs that desperately need a home–you name it.

Bonus: the printed bins are reversible. So if you get bored with patterns, flip them around to display a totally new design.

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Wavy Bookshelf and storage bins from Sprout Kids

Corrugated storage bins with modern designs for organization

Modern wavy storage shelves are affordable and cool

This is a flat-packed item that you’re going to have to build yourself, but they claim it takes less than 10 minutes. I admit I have my doubts (I think it would take me that long just to get the pieces out of the box), but the fact that it requires no tools is a plus for me.  Also know that it is fiberboard coated in melamine, so this isn’t heirloom furniture, and I’d be sure to secure it to a wall if it’s going to be used around young kids. But as a very cool looking, wildly affordable option, I’m already redecorating our playroom my head with Sprout Kids storage. And boy it look nice.

If you’re ready to wave the white flag over clean-up wars with your kids, shop for the modern shelving and storage bins at Sprout Kids.