We’ve featured no shortage of kid-friendly storage bins here on Cool Mom Picks, but now that my kids are getting older (sniffle), I’m in the market for a little organizational help that’s a little more my taste, like these stylish storage bins from MUNI shop on Etsy.

I can always use a few more bins in my life, especially now that school has started, and these handmade linen baskets are perfect. I particularly love the leather handles, which make them sturdier than some others I’ve seen. And the designs are sweet and modern.

Stylish storage bins: Handmade at MUNI shop on Etsy

Stylish storage bins by MUNI shop


Charging cables, office supplies, well, the possibilities for these are endless. And I get a little bit of my own aesthetic back into my life, even though they might be stuffed to the brim with kids’ toys. Hey, you can’t win them all.

You can purchase these handmade linen baskets at MUNI shop on Etsy. We’ve also got some super big storage baskets at our indie shop at great.ly.