I always envisioned being That Mom who sends my kids off to school with cute little lunch box notes each day scribbled with heartfelt words of encouragement and love.


Alas, I am the mom who is usually scrambling just to remember to pack a spoon to go with the yogurt. But recently, I started keeping a set of printable lunchbox notes in a drawer in the kitchen (wisely next to the spoons), and every so often, for no reason at all, I pop one in to surprise the kids. They love it, and it takes no time at all.

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Now, thanks to Lonela of Tiny Me, who recently shared fun free printable Valentines cards with us, now I have another option. Her free printable lunch notes are beyond cute. I love that you can give them to a preschooler, but even my fourth grader would like the designs. Plus, it’s cool that so many of my daughters’ favorite things are represented: robots, cute animals, hearts, rocket ships.


Free printable lunch box notes for kids from Tiny Me

I am grateful to Lonela for always offering up so many beautiful designs free for the enjoyment of so many kids. And I am equally grateful that I can give my kids a sweet little mid-day surprise without spending six hours filling a bento box with nutritious food carefully crafted into the likeness of Big Hero 6 characters.

Visit the Tiny Me blog for lots of cool stuff including free printable lunch notes that make you look like one of Those Moms with minimal effort.

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