Today we say hail to all the chiefs who have led the United States of America. The ones we voted for, the ones we didn’t vote for, and even the ones we can’t really remember. And to help our kids learn more about the men who have led our country–and actually had nothing to do with sales on mattresses whatsoever–we’ve rounded up some entertaining and short videos to watch with them. I’m sure I’ll learn a thing or two as well.


Disney Presidents educational video on YouTube

One of my family’s favorite educational apps is the Disney Presidents app for iPad which makes learning about the presidents entertaining and memorable. What my kids love most about this app is the short video for each Commander in Chief, and I’ve discovered that you can watch some of the videos for free on YouTube. Great news for those families who don’t have an iPad.

Covering the presidencies of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon and nine more, each 3-minute video is so entertaining, you’ll want to watch these along with the kids. My only wish is that they were organized a little better; though if you stick to the Disney Education YouTube page, instead of a general search, you’ll find the official videos fairly easily.

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Readeez The U.S. President's video helps kids memorize every one

Readeez, whose cool SyllableSync lyrics we’ve loved watching for years, has developed a two-minute video, The U.S. Presidents Song, to help kids memorize the names of each of the presidents in order. This tune has a nice little beat, and kids will have fun seeing how soon they can start singing along with it.



Educational Presidents' Day Videos: Learning about Washington on Brain Pop Jr.

For the youngest kids, turn to CMP favorite Brain Pop Jr. for their free video about the father of our country, George Washington. With her robot sidekick Moby, Annie explains things in a way that elementary-age kids can understand and remember but without ever getting cutesie or dumbing the info down.


Educational Presidents Day Videos for kids: fun facts via The History Channel

The History Channel’s Presidential Fun Facts won’t help your kids pass any tests in school, but it’s a clever little two minutes of quirky trivia about a few of our presidents. Hey, sometimes those random little tidbits are what help kids get excited about a subject, so I’m all for hitting them with all the info I can and hoping some of it sticks.

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