It’s hard to find a kid who doesn’t love customizing things to make them their own, from a blank notebook to their bedroom walls. And while I’d rather not have the interior of my car “customized” with stickers, I do want to foster my kids’ love for artistic expression. So, I kind of geeked out over the customizable t-shirt kits by Creatures & Features. And I think they will too.

Each kit includes an organic, US-made t-shirt with a monster outline on it and a set of features you iron-on to create a design that’s all your own. They call them a “boy kit” and “girl kit,” but can we stop with that already? I’d rather just think of them as “horns” and “pigtails,” because they both come with the same features, and any kid can love any cool monster at all.  Just be sure to follow the instructions to a tee (ha) so they come out the way you want them.

DIY customizable monster t-shirt kit for kids

Customizable monster shirts kits your kids can make | Creatures and FEatures

Monster t-shirt kits for kids to let them design their own | Creature and Features

One more reason monsters are cool: A portion of each customized t-shirt kit sale will support fine arts education in public schools. That’s something we love even more than monsters.

You can find the Creatures & Features t-shirts at their website or at a local shop near you. Consider ordering a size up.

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