This year was a pretty serious year for the Oscar nominating committee, if you consider the likes of Selma, Gone Girl, Birdman…you get the picture. Or pictures.  But of course, there are always clever artists out there willing to take the gravity down a notch–including taking Gravity down a notch.

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At Ript Apparel, you’ll find a whole selection of Oscar parody posters, admittedly some better than others. As one of the loud advocates of a recount for The LEGO Movie which should totally be included in the best animated picture, I have to give my top vote to The Theory of Everything is Awesome, by Atomic Rocket.

I’m also smiling at  Ryan of Interest’s Animal poster which bears a strong resemblance to Whiplash, only one of the critical blurbs in the background, specifically Meep meep meep meep meep meep meep, sounds an awful lot like Beaker. And there’s Four Eye Design’s Quailman, a nod to Birdman only featuring Doug (aw, remember him?), which is spot on.


Whiplash parody poster: Animal | by Ryan of Interest

The Theory of Everything is Awesome | LEGO Oscar parody poster by Atomic Rocket

If you love the designs enough enough, and could see them hanging in your kid’s room, you can grab them as posters in a few sizes starting at $20. Frankly, any excuse to get more Animal into one’s life is good by me.

Check out the selection of Oscar poster parodies from various indie artists online at RIPT.

[h/t My Modern Met