For parents with advanced learners, it can be tough to know how to meet their academic needs and keep them challenged. Whether you’re looking to give yours an educational boost or want to provide them with the chance to explore their already established interests, has you covered, with K-12 online courses that give students a highly personalized learning experience–all right in your own home.

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Based on ongoing research at Stanford University, offers everything you’ll need to help your kids reach their maximum educational potential without the boredom, thanks to plenty of courses in math, science, computer programming, and language arts for little learners up through high school students.

Independent study courses are available in Mathematics and English Language Arts, but all courses offer support from experienced tutors who specialize in teaching advanced learners–a bonus if your child has already surpassed your own academic skills in some subjects.

Because when’s the last time you had to rattle off the quadratic equation? offers online courses for advanced learners logic game for advanced learners

These aren’t just a few simple games and lessons, by the way. Each research-based course features a variety of multimedia instruction as well as continued, automated assessment of your child’s work, culminating in a completely customized experience that allows students to working at their own individual pace.

For example, the popular Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition course is the culmination of 25 years of research on accelerated learning at Stanford, featuring more than 500 lessons, 15,000 problems, and 75 learning games designed to engage students as they both build skills; and more importantly, apply them in real world contexts, something parents can totally appreciate. Pathway shows student progress

As for parents, you get a supportive community with plenty of articles and resources to help you learn more about your advanced learner, all so you can continue to provide your kids with everything they need to continue achieving.

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