If you’re part of the baby biker set (and I don’t mean leather jackets and chaps), you probably already know Burley. They’ve been making great bike trailers and accessories for over 35 years. I’m excited about the new Burley Solstice, however, which is a stand-alone stroller and whole new world for Burley. And they’ve definitely risen to the challenge.

The Burley Solstice jogging stroller (a great price right now at our affiliate Amazon) is billed as a “premium jogging stroller” and as soon as it comes out of the box, it’s easy to see why. As expected, it’s rugged with a metal frame, large inflatable tires, and lots of clearance for trail-running over rocks and fallen trees. You know, if you’re into that. At the same time though, the simple and sleek design would be equally at home on city sidewalks or in a shopping mall.

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Burley Solstice Green

There are some pretty cool features on the Burley Solstice, including rear suspension, one-foot locking wheels, and the largest cargo storage space I have ever seen on a stroller in my life.

Seriously, you could put groceries, yoga gear and a small human in there. Not that I’m recommending that.

The ride is great too. It’s smooth, with an easy-to-lock front wheel for running and a swivel option for maneuvering. There’s a huge extendible canopy for blocking out sun and wind, and the seat reclines for sleepy babes. When not in motion, the stroller folds easily with one hand (like, really, really easily – I was impressed) and, once folded, can be stored standing or rolled along on all three wheels.


Burley Solstice SIT
But by far the coolest feature on the Burley Solstice, is the Spring Integrated Technology system for the harness.(S.I.T. Clever, right?) I have never seen anything like it and I will be forever envious of parents who get to benefit from its genius. What is it? It’s a system that stops your harness from getting tangled.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to put a baby in a stroller but instead spending five minutes balancing her on your hip while you attempt to untangle a mess of harness straps. Well, with S.I.T., when you open the 5-point harness, springs pull the harness up and back, keeping it aligned and at-the-ready to pop your baby in again. It’s brilliant.


Burley Solstice folded

The one thing that’s not premium about the Burley Solstice is the price. At $399, I am pleasantly surprised. Because of the luxury feel of this stroller, I really thought it would be more expensive.

The Solstice is serious stroller, capable of conquering tough trails, intense weather, swerving sidewalks, and pretty much anything else that crosses your path. Just promise you won’t use the huge storage area to transport an extra kid.

The Burley Solstice jogging stroller is currently available in three colorways for $399 at our affiliate Amazon. Optional accessories include a car seat adaptor, a bunting bag, a food bowl/drink cup set, a rolling travel case, a weather shield and more. Thanks to Burley  for providing a sample for us to review.