Hi Cool Mom Picks. Any recommendations on the best affordable jogging stroller that’s ideally lightweight, compact and versatile? -Pamela J.


Hi Pamela,

Though I will admit right off the bat that I am not a jogger, I have reviewed my share of jogging strollers and I have a few recommendations for the best ones that ought to give you a good start when looking. There’s one catch, though: Affordable and jogging stroller usually aren’t two phrases seen together. The best jogging strollers are definitely the priciest options, but they’re also the ones that last, which means you should have no trouble finding gently used options for much less on Craigslist, at a local garage sale, or as a hand-me-down from a friend in your community with older kids. Plus, if you find a jogging stroller you love, there’s no reason you can’t use it as your everyday stroller too, which will make the investment much easier to justify in the long run. (Heh. Long run.)

Whenever I ask my die-hard runner friends which stroller has been invaluable to them through their running-with-a-baby days, they always suggest the same few options.


Best jogging stroller: BOB Revolution Stroller


The BOB line of strollers is a perennial favorite with parents. There are multiple options within the line, but the Revolution is the name that comes up again and again. Just to make things more complicated, there are different Revolution models to choose from, but for a basic do-everything stroller, the Revolution SE is hard to beat. Available as both a single and a double, this stroller will get you over all kinds of terrain in all kinds of weather. Just remember to buy a weather shield if you think you’ll need it, since it’s not included with the stroller and joggers aren’t generally inclined to stay in when it sprinkles. However price-wise, this is definitely one of the very best deals of all the top jogging strollers. ($437, Amazon affiliate)


Best jogging stroller: Chariot Stroller


The other stroller brand that comes up frequently as a recommendation from my running pals is the lesser known Chariot brand from the Canadian outdoors company, Thule. This one is a top choice of the triathletes I know, since it can do double duty as a bike trailer if you purchase the right combination of conversion kits. I’ve got a double Chariot Cougar 1 of my own that has lasted through multiple kids over several years and is still going strong so I can definitely recommend the brand as a terrific contender. ($585, Amazon affiliate)

Best jogging stroller: Phil & Ted's Sub 4 Stroller


Putting affordability aside for a moment, there is a jogging stroller on the market from CMP fave Phil & Ted’s that launched about five years ago, called the Sub 4 Running Stroller. Although I’ve never tried this one, Phil & Ted’s is a consistently excellent brand and it surely wouldn’t disappoint. At about $900 it’s spendy. But I wanted to mention it in case you’re a serious runner, since it looks like a serious ride: they’ve been calling it the world’s fastest running stroller, and reviews are terrific. ($899, Phil & Ted’s website)


If you’re not looking to train for marathons with your stroller, you can get away with some simpler and less pricey options.

Best jogging stroller: Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Stroller


Mountain Buggy has always been one of my favorite stroller brands. Their entire line of strollers are functional, easy to use, and a breeze to push. The classic Urban Jungle is the stroller I’d recommend if you’re looking for one that does it all–walking, running, trails–but is still easy to fold and store. ($424, Amazon affiliate)

Best jogging stroller: Bumbleride Indie Stroller


If looks matter to you, Bumbleride wins the prize for coolest looking stroller in the bunch. The Bumbleride Indie is a perfect do-everything stroller system that can truly be the only stroller you ever need to own. It lets you stroll or jog, all while keeping the baby extremely comfy with a surprisingly smooth ride in the sturdy frame. ($299.98, Toys R Us)

(ETA: The newer model is available at Bumbleride for $499)


Best jogging stroller: Mountain Buggy MB Mini Stroller


To be clear, this is not a jogging stroller. But on the off-chance that you don’t actually mean you want to run with the baby and you’re just looking for a jogging stroller style of stroller for a comfy ride, I can’t say enough good things about the Mountain Buggy MB Mini stroller. It’s definitely not for running–the front swivel wheel doesn’t even lock)–so don’t do that. But it is an incredible stroller that’s super-lightweight and great to push on all terrains from uneven sidewalks to cobblestones. At just under $350 you can see how once you’re dealing with an actual jogging stroller, the price goes up significantly for all the bells and whistles you need. ($335, Amazon affiliate)


One last thought: I’m a big believer in testing strollers before you buy them. So check out my recommendations and then get thee to the local baby shop (or running gear shop if you want a really serious running stroller) and try out a whole bunch yourself. Practice putting a baby (or doll if yours isn’t here yet) into the stroller and taking her out for a spin. Try the different parking brakes to get a feel for which is easiest to use. Consider the accessories that come with the strollers and what you’ll need to buy in order to make the system functional for your running needs, whether a rain cover or an iPhone mount. Try the reclines, check the storage space, consider the canopy size. And, of course, put it to the ultimate test: Take the stroller out for an actual run, even if just around the block, and see how smooth the ride is.

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