A while back, we found the loveliest custom ceramic plates fired with handwritten recipes from your family. It was such a cool keepsake gift for someone who values the idea of an heirloom family recipe, and the idea has always stayed with me. So when I saw a variation on the theme, in these cool custom engraved cutting boards laser-etched with your handwritten recipes, I really was drawn to them.

Because it’s a scan, there’s so much you can do with it–work with a recipe card, something scribbled on an envelope, or a recipe that was typewritten on a funky old typewriter back in the day. And starting around $27, the price is pretty fantastic.

Custom engraved cutting boards with keepsake recipes

The cutting boards make such a special keepsake for a pair of newlyweds, a college grad, or a grandmother who needs to know just how important her carrot cake or her brisket recipe is to all the cousins. And while you still have a little time to plan, it would be a pretty awesome Mother’s Day Gift. Or Father’s Day gift, too. I know my own dad has about 50 recipes that could each earn a special place on a custom bamboo cutting board. I might have to start with the peanut brittle though.

Find the custom engraved cutting boards from 3D Carving on Etsy.