This is the time we start thinking Easter for you all, and as always, we love finding special little treats for the Easter baskets that aren’t necessarily your typical drugstore-shelf chocolate bunny. So I think this Easter Bunny painting kit is just perfect, especially considering it’s¬†under $15.

It’s not only a great craft in itself, but makes a cool keepsake that kids will proudly display¬†when they’re done.¬†And while it’s recommended for kids 6 and up, I’d imagine that¬†preschoolers would do just fine with a little parental supervision. Coloring in the lines is overrated anyway.

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Easter Bunny painting kit for kids: Comes with the paints and brushes, you supply the treats inside

Truly intrepid parents can make it extra special by taking the elements out of the box and arranging them directly in the Easter basket. Bonus points if you fill the unpainted little guy with treats of your own. I do hear that kids tend to like  jellybeans and chocolate eggs.

Find the Easter Bunny painting kit at My Sweet Muffin where they always have so many fun Easter basket ideas for kids.

And for more ideas, don’t miss our Easter Pinterest board!