I only have one crossbody bag in my closet, which given my bag obsession seems ridiculous, I know, but I use it so much that I think it might be time to add another, like say this new one from Angela & Roi. How convenient!

I love how each color of their bags connects to a specific worthy cause, so not only are you getting a gorgeous vegan leather bag, you’re also giving a little back to a charity with your purchase.

The new Arc Crossbody definitely fits in with their line of sleek, simple bags, though I have to say I like how this particular bag is roomier than some of the crossbody bags I’ve seen.

Angela and Roi Arc Crossbody bag in chocolate brown

It’s available in basics only — black, beige, and my personal favorite, chocolate brown (above). And because it’s got a removable strap, it’s designed to convert to a clutch too, though it’s probably not my first choice given its shape and size. However this is definitely a handy bag if you travel a lot and want to pack light. And while I’m usually not a big fan of visible logos on my accessories, I appreciate how theirs is stylishly and subtly embossed. Plus, I’m more than happy when someone asks me about the bag I’m wearing, considering the company is doing good work to help others.

I can really see this being a timeless edition to any wardrobe. The fact that the three bags help fight three kinds of cancer is a wonderful bonus.

You can purchase the new Arc Crossbody bag at Angela & Roi. All their bags are animal and sweatshop-free.