As my NYC neighborhood catches spring fever big time this weekend, I’m suddenly digging all the picnic supplies out of hiding. One thing I could use but don’t have: reusable plastic cups. Since my kids have started using real glasses, I guess we just don’t have any. But I will, after grabbing a couple four-packs of these reusable plastic party cups from One Hundred 80 Degrees.

They look so much like the disposable plastic ones from Solo, it’s almost disconcerting when you lift it up and feel the weight of melamine. But they’re such a smart alternative to disposable cups you use at kids’ parties and barbecues, so long as you don’t accidentally toss them when you’re done.

(And of course, I can’t completely call melamine “eco-friendly” but I’d imagine if you hand-wash them and keep them forever, they sure beat going through a ton of plastic cups over the years.)

Reusable melamine cups that look like Solo disposable cups!

Should you need a set of semi-coordinated plates, check out the reusable not-paper dinner plates that look like the classic ones from Dixie. Or uh, “unfortunate brand that did not trademark their iconic design.” Perfect for kids’ parties.

Oh and huge caveat: A few reviewers ding the cups because “they are not good for beer pong.” So, yeah. I know most of you parents are bummed about that one.

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