You know that time your kid turns 6 (or 5 or 7) and suddenly they start losing a whole slew of teeth in what feels like five minutes? That’s what’s going on in my house right now, as my daughter yanks out tooth after tooth. Seriously, this kid is proactive in the tooth removal department. So it’s only logical that I’ve been having some fun looking online for cool tooth fairy gifts for kids¬†losing teeth.

Not that she’ll get one for every tooth; I think the tooth fairy’s bounty for incisors and bicuspids cover that. But I love the¬†delightful treasures I’ve found that help make¬†that first¬†(or second) gap in that cute smile a¬†little more celebratory. Makes me wish I could be a tooth fairy myself.

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 Tooth Fairy gifts: Mighty Twenty Where Do Baby Teeth Go? book

A Charming Book About Lost Teeth
I’ve discovered an adorable little book called Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go?¬†by¬†Vilasinee Bunnag that I know my kids¬†would love. Filled with sweetly illustrated tooth stories from around the world, the book explains tooth loss through the eyes of children from many different countries. Plus, there’s space at the end for kids to write down their own tooth stories, so the book can become a lovely keepsake even after the last tooth has fallen out.


Handmade Charlotte printable tooth fairy notes

A Printable Note from the Tooth Fairy
Then there’s the whole tooth fairy gig to settle into. I honestly don’t know how she does it; with so many¬†teeth falling out all over the place, there must be times she forgets to visit. I think these DIY¬†Printable Tooth Fairy Notes¬†from Handmade Charlotte could¬†make her job more fun. I love the tiny envelope for mailing a letter to the Tooth Fairy, plus, with cute little envelopes to fill with money after making the swap, I think the Tooth Fairy will have an easier time remembering her duties.


Tooth fairy gifts: AppleWhite tooth fairy pillow

Handmade Tooth Fairy House Pillows
When my first started losing teeth I was feeling inspired and made him a little tooth fairy pillow. These days, though, I don’t seem to have¬†the same kind of time (or, ahem, inspiration) so I think a tooth fairy pillow from AppleWhite on Etsy might be in order. They are so sweet, with a fanciful little fairy door covering up the tooth and money pocket. There’s¬†even an option to add a child’s name to the door to make the pillow extra special. And it would be a great backdrop for creative play of all kinds, even long past those baby teeth are being traded for coins.


Handmade polar bear tooth fairy pillow, cool for boys and girls

Animal Tooth Fairy Pillows
It seems that nearly everything¬†having to do with fairies is on¬†the feminine side, even tooth fairies. Which is one of the reasons we really dig these new¬†handmade tooth pillows by Mighty Twenty¬†that we recently added to our own Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop. They look like just cool animal pillows featuring polar bears, giraffes or sheep in their natural habitats, but on closer inspection they’ve got a little tooth pocket that’s incorporated into the designs. Each comes¬†with its own tooth tracker book too.

Tooth fairy gifts: Mighty Twenty tooth pouch creative kit

DIY Tooth Fairy Pouch
Mighty Twenty¬†(clearly these guys are rocking the tooth fairy accessory world and yep, I guess that’s a thing now)¬†has lots more items on their site, but I think¬†my favorite item is the Tooth Pouch Creative Kit¬†(above), which comes with everything needed¬†for a parent and a child¬†to¬†make their own cool pouch for storing lost teeth. I can’t think of a more special activity to do¬†together when that first tooth falls out.


Tooth fairy gifts: Tooth fairy dish by Brick Kiln

Handmade Tooth Fairy Dish
If you want to make things even easier for the Tooth Fairy than sneaking under the pillows of sleeping children at night, there’s always this fun, handmade¬†Tooth Fairy dish from our friends at The Brick Kiln on Etsy. Personalize it for a special keepsake, then set it up on the nightstand and a quick tooth-money swap will be a breeze, even on the darkest of nights. Or uh, mornings, for those¬†fairies¬†who remember a little late sometime.