We’ve got a lot of summer birthdays for the kids in my family, so party planning is definitely top of mind for me these days. But I realized, as I’ve looked around the web, that while there are lots of gorgeous handmade birthday crowns on Etsy or instructions for making your own out of felt if you’re super crafty, it’s really hard to find printable paper birthday crowns that are fun, modern and well-designed. In other words, Crafting Lite™.

So, I kept looking. And behold! some great options, from free to just a little bit extra. But totally worth it.

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Free printable birthday crown from Smallful

I just love the printable birthday crown of gems from Mari of Smallful (also shown at very top) which is beautifully designed. Like everything from her shop, if you know her work. It’s just so playful and colorful, but sophisticated at the same time. While you’re there, you’re bound to find other printable toys and goodies you might want too. ($3 download)


Free printable birthday crown template + DIY tips from A Subtle Revelry

An inspired idea from the talented Victoria of A Subtle Revelry: Download her free printable crown template and use glitter scrapbook paper and a few basic craft supplies to make these awesome crowns to make any birthday boy or girl sparkle. Check her site for some great inspiration and tips. (Free download; photo © A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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Free printable birthday crown template + tutorial at Say Yes Blog

Free printable birthday crown template from Say Yes Blog

If you want to put in a little more elbow grease, at Say Yes you can find a template for a printable birthday crown that’s simple and elegant, and made more fun with ribbon and lace ties. And lest you think they’re too precious, I love the photo she features of what they look like after you let kids go to town on the designs with watercolors or crayons. (Free download)


free printable color-your-own birthday crowns on Etsy

I really like the selection of cute woodland creature crowns at Etsy’s Put a Crown On It, but what’s more fun are all the color-your-own printable birthday crowns. There’s your traditional crown, sure, but there are also woodland creatures, zoo animals, pirates, rainbows, and one awesome cyclops.  At this price, get a few of them and you’ve got a fun party activity too.  ($1.50 download)

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Free printable personalized birthday crowns from Crazy Fox Paper on Etsy

For something cute for younger kids, check out these printable personalized birthday crowns from Crazy Fox Paper on Etsy. Playful motifs include foxes, mermaids and unicorns, and the best part is you get to personalize it with the child’s name and age. You get a birthday hat design too should you want one special crown for the birthday child and something a little different for all the guests. ($6 download, includes 2 different crowns and 2 different hats)

Printable Snow White set of birthday crowns from ShapaLala

Free printable birthday crown

A new Etsy shop called ShapaLala has some really fun, original designs that feel like they popped right out of some child’s anime series. The printable Elements of Nature birthday crowns are my favorites, featuring colorful depictions of sun, rain, a rainbow, flower and cloud. But there are also sets featuring more “boy” (or as I like to call them, gender-neutral) themes like firefighters, vikings and sailors; fairy tale characters; farm animals and more. Just know they’re sized for little heads, should you be hoping to wear one yourself.  ($4-5 for full set of downloads)