It’s probably going to get me kicked out of the state of California where breastfeeding is a religion, but I’m just going to say it: Breastfeeding can sometimes suck. Literally and figuratively. Obviously, it’s rewarding in countless ways, which is why nursing moms willingly scarf down fenugreek, pump in between office meetings or in the dead of night, and generally lose their sanity sometimes. But I think we can all agree that the nursing moms need support in all kinds of ways, and that the last thing we need is to be hunched over and uncomfortable while breastfeeding, right?

Well, exciting news from the folks who invented the baby carrier that saved a million achy backs:  Ergobaby is just out with a new nursing pillow that is every bit as ergonomic as its beloved carriers.

While I wouldn’t say the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow is flawless, I will say it’s a fantastic new option for nursing moms and decidedly different from anything I’ve tried.

Thanks to years of input from lactation experts and nursing moms, Ergobaby nursing pillow is designed to be taller and a great deal firmer than other nursing pillows. It’s curved and contoured to helps tilt your baby’s head toward you for a more optimal latch and that ideal tummy-to-tummy position.

Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow: Why it could be a game changer for nursing moms


It’s been a godsend in the back pain department for me. I don’t have perfect posture to start with but nursing two babies in three years has practically turned me into a hunchback (sexy, I know). Because of its height relative to my body, I’m able to breastfeed without slouching over at all. The firmness of the pillow provides ample support for my worn-out arms and keeps my daughter from slipping down while nursing. Like many other nursing pillows on the market, the cover is also removable and machine washable.

Now, I could easily see how some moms might find it slightly too firm, too high or even awkward to use. I actually thought it was all of those things when I first took it out to try. But after using it a few times, I found that my daughter was perfectly comfortable resting on the plush top, and the height of the pillow really did provide that ideal latch positioning without me having to hunch over.

One pet peeve is that because of its firmness, it’s hard to quickly grab with one hand when I need it–which is frustrating when you’re dealing with a screaming, hungry baby. Maybe version 2.0 could include some kind of small handle on the side, Ergobaby?

Also I’d love some other fabric choices for the covers. What can I say — if I’m going to look at the thing all day long, I want to like what I see.

Like any baby product, it might take a few tries to find the best way to use it for you and your baby. I’ve tried football, cradle and cross-cradle feeding positions with the nursing pillow and they all worked mostly fine for me. But every woman’s body and breasts are different so I think it’s pretty much impossible to create a one-size-fits-all nursing pillow.

At $70 (double what some other nursing pillows cost), I can’t exactly say it’s a “try it and see” purchase so I’d highly suggest dropping by a baby store or borrowing one from a friend to try it out before you commit. But if you do? You may be very very happy. And so will your back.

The Ergobaby nursing pillow is $70 and is now available at It comes in a two-sided neutral brown cover and an additional replacement cover is available for purchase in either brown or a grey and yellow swirl.

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