To beat the summer heat, like lots of parents I like going with a simple and light wardrobe for our new bundle. I am currently on the hunt for some awesome onesies to showcase my baby girl’s sweetness.

Yes, baby boys are sweet too. They all don’t have to be FUTURE SPACE NINJA SUMO WRESTLING GALACTIC LORDS.

So I love the new gender-neutral baby onesie collection from Susie Ghahremani of CMP fave indie shop Boygirlparty. Your little boy or girl  can wear these gender-neutral, extremely charming, very cute onesies all summer long and still lounge in comfort and style.

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Cute  gender-neutral nature lover onesie for babies at boygirlparty

On the sweeter side is the darling organic little nature lover bird onesie in colors perfect for boys or girls.


Cute  gender-neutral owl onesie for boys or girls at boygirlparty

I also have my eye on the owl galaxy onesie which is a cool STEM allusion, for the future astronomers out there. Or just star-gazers. And I just love the hand drawn style of artist Susie Ghahremani on these.

Cute cat stack  gender-neutral onesie at boygirlparty

The cat series of baby onesies is probably the most whimsical, and makes me smile every time I see it. I am not even a cat person, but even I can’t resist this cat stack onesie.

Cute bookworm  gender-neutral onesie for future readers from boygirlparty

And can we ever resist a onesie that encourages an early love of reading? Check out the bookworm in training onesie. Or bookbear? That’s a new thing!

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Not only are these all so darn cute and uniquely original but we think it’s always swell to be able to support small business for a baby gifting. Especially Susie’s business. Can you tell we like her just a little?


Visit the cool new gender-neutral baby onesie collection at the Boygirlparty shop including these designs and lot more. And hey look! A discount code! Enter CMPSUMMER2015 at checkout for 15% off any order through July 30.

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