I’ve been fighting boredom this summer with a bunch of magic markers and one really huge (like, seriously huge) and cleverly illustrated coloring poster for kids from a new company called Pirasta. And the beauty of these posters is that there’s room for everyone to get in on the action.

The recycled-content paper is sturdy enough to let it take over the dining room table for a while, spread it out at a birthday party, or hang it on the wall. And at a whopping 63″ x 36″there is plenty of room for multiple people to color together. We’ve even rolled up our poster and taken it on our summer road trip for something unplugged to do when the weather turned nasty at the beach.

UPDATE: In light of our discovery that the are copied from the original coloring posters from OMY, we recommend you purchase OMY posters instead. 


Pirasta coloring poster: Let's Color America

Pirasta USA coloring sheets for kids

The incredibly detailed drawings by talented illustrators like James Gulliver Hancock and Allison Kerek pack in so many images, it could take even the most prolific colorer every rainy day this summer and beyond to complete the entire picture. Plus it’s educational —  kids love searching the Let’s Color America poster to see all the iconic images in each state.

Just know that not every image makes perfect sense — our friend who lives in Connecticut takes issue with the taxi cabs from NY covering her state–however other pictures, like the axe-wielding Paul Bunyan in Minnesota and the aliens in Nevada go beyond the traditional stuff you see on kids’ maps.

This has truly become an all-ages project, from my 14 year-old teen to visiting preschoolers, as well as my kids’ Great Aunt’s coloring of the Liberty Bell in her home state. You can check out how the northeast is currently faring on our map on Liz’s Instagram feed where her own kids had at it with some markers.

In addition to the US map design, Pirata offers The Big Apple, Food Fight!, and Funny Farm, all of which are illustrated to the hilt. The Big Apple poster is particularly awesome with every iconic image you can imagine from New York City. Well, all the family-friendly ones at least.


Order the brand-new Pirasta coloring posters or coloring sheets beginning today. They currently ship only the U.S. Thanks to Pirasta for sending us a coloring poster to try out.

UPDATE: We instead recommend you purchase the coloring posters from OMY, which existed before this version and are wildly identical.