We’ve got our newest episode of SPAWNED with Kristen + Liz up today! And first we want to thank you for all the support. It’s been so nice seeing your emails, your tweets, your comments, and your kind reviews. Some not even from our own parents.

This week, we’re talking about email etiquette and some of our own pet peeves. Note: Please don’t send us angry emails, Comic Sans fans. Or can you at least send them in Helvetica?

We’re also answering our first listener question from dad James, who’s having some serious playdate problems. We’ve been there, so we discuss some helpful tips and funny anecdotes that we hope will help other parents too. Although when Kristen suggests we all need to put on our grownup panties from time to time, we need to clarify that we are not implying in any way that James currently wears or should, in the future, wear panties. But if he did we’d be cool with that. Just so you know.

And as always, we’re sharing each of our favorite cool picks of the week: One for the kids, one definitely not for the kids.  Hope you enjoy the show! And below, we’ve got links to everything we’ve discussed.

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Links from today’s show

– Bloomberg article You’re Ending Your Emails Wrong says signing off your emails with “Best” is actually the worst. What?!

-A confession: Liz’s dislike of comic sans

– Liz admits she’s come a long way in her thinking since writing Learning About Nice the Hard Way, in which her commenters totally schooled her about different ways to think about children who act cruelly.

A whole different way to fight bullies: A combo of kindness and sarcasm.

Expert tips about kindergarten bullying from education.com

-Funny: Playdate rules from other parents. (Not us. We obviously have fewer rules.)

-Putting on your grownup panties. May we suggest these?

The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton

Kristen’s Cool Pick of the Week: Kristen was thrilled to find Starbucks unsweetened, black iced coffee in a big jug at her local supermarket.

Liz’s Cool Pick of the Week: Liz is enamoured with Kate Beaton’s new modern Princess book, The Princess and the Pony


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