We expect to hear plenty of  ooh’s and ahh’s to accompany all the bright and sparkly things we’ll see on the Fourth of July, but I hope to eliminate any ow’s with these safera alternatives to sparklers that they can enjoy on Independence Day. Or heck, all summer long. I hope these 6 fun Fourth of July crafts for kids help create a safer holiday for all.

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Metallic Pipe Cleaner Sparklers craft | via Kix Cereal craft blog

Pipe Cleaner Sparkler Craft for Fourth of July (tutorial, Kix Cereal)

Metallic pipe cleaners make great faux sparklers, especially in red, white, and blue colors. Follow the easy Pipe Cleaner Sparklers tutorial at the Kix Cereal blog (yes, really — they have some great craft projects there) and then let the kids wave them at the parade or just run around the yard with them at dusk.


Fourth of July Wand craft featured on Cool Mom Picks

Red-White-and-Blue Ribbon Wand Craft for Fourth of July (tutorial, Cool Mom Picks)

Last year, we shared this fun 4th of july craft for kids and we still love it. Just grab some colorful ribbons and our instructions for a red-white-and-blue ribbon wand complete with a hidden bell inside if you want to make shaking it even more fun. Then, enjoy your fire-free decorations as the kids put on their own show.

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Kid-friendly Sparkler craft: So easy and fun |via My Little 3 and Me

Sparkler Firework Craft (tutorial, Kids’ Craft Room)

Colored cellophane and tin foil create an extra-sparkly sparkler as shown on Kids’ Craft Room’s Sparkler Firework Craft. This UK mom uses “fire colors” for her sparklers which look great, though I’d probably go more all-American on Independence Day with red, white, and blue colors. (No offense, UK!)



Fourth of July Tinsel Sparklers how-to at Modern Parents Messy Kids

Patriotic Tinsel Sparklers for Fourth of July (tutorial, Modern Parents Messy Kids)

Those random bundles of patriotic tinsel I always see in the craft store–what exactly are they used for? Well now I know they can become festive Fourth of July sparklers for kids to wave at everyone they see. Just check out Modern Parents Messy Kids’ instructions so that your tinsel wands last through the day.


World's easiest paper Fourth of July sparklers for kids - also fun for DIY photobooth props | Momtastic

Paper Sparklers for Fourth of July (tutorial, Momtastic)

Though the tutorial at Momtastic for these paper sparkles for kids uses vellum paper, I think that regular card stock would be perfectly fine for making a sparkler prop for Fourth of July photos.

Keep little hands safe with this Fourth of July tutorial from Somewhat Simple Living

Safer Fourth of July Sparkler Holder for Kids (tutorial, Somewhat Simple Living)

Going with real sparklers? Hey, I don’t blame you. So I love this idea for turning a plastic cup into a safety shield for kids’ tender hands. Kids can either hold onto the “hidden” sparkler inside the cup, or place it down somewhere as a sparkler stand if they’re nervous to touch it. Check out the tutorial at Somewhat Simple Living.

Happy Fourth everyone!