My kids’ step stools are basically these kind of industrial plastic ones you find at the Container Store. Nothing wrong with it and it’s served us well, but I will say it was the fallback option after searching for years for cute step stools that didn’t have freaky clowns, weird frogs, or curliecue monograms painted on them. Well turns out that cute step stools for kids are either more plentiful now, or I’m just a better web searcher than I was a few years back.

Check out these lovely handmade options that make fantastic baby or toddler gifts, not just because they’re practical now, but because they’ll be practical when they’re handed down to the next generation too.


Personalized modern wooden step stool for kids | Little Sapling Toys on Etsy

Beautifully handmade child's wooden step stool from Little Sapling Toys

I really like this personalized modern kids’ step stool from CMP favorite Little Sapling Toys. The Bamboo plywood construction is lightweight enough for kids to carry it, but it’s super sturdy — it can hold up to 200 pounds, meaning I won’t break it when I use it myself.  And it’s so nice to just see a simple, modern, sans serif type. Since you may already know how I feel about comic sans. The personalization makes it a fantastic baby gift idea, but you can get it without letters, too. ($60, Little Sapling Toys)


Vintage style handpainted step stools from Circle Creek Home

These solid pine vintage style step stools are so beautiful, aren’t they? And terrific price. There’s a choice of 12 colors, one to match any room, and while colors like jade, citrus and red are fun enough for a kid’s room or bathroom, they’d work perfectly in the rest of your home too. There are quite a few styles, including a double-step step stool for higher reaching (or littler kids). And the low or no-VOC paint makes me feel better about them in a kid’s room. ($48, Circle Creek Home; $78 for two-step)


Handmade step stool for kids in white or aqua | Ella Meno Pea Designs

I had a total flashback to one I used as a kid when I saw this eco-friendly, handmade step stool for kids from a Washington state Etsy shop. They bill it as modern, but it reminds me of classic, timeless designs that look great in any decor. You can get it in white or teal, and I love how the makers describe the list of materials, including “2 screws to make sure your grandkids use the step stool too.” ($60, Ella Meno Pea Designs)


LEGO step stool for kids with felt pads on top. So clever!

I how how six round felt pads on top of the wooden base turn this into a LEGO step stool for kids. Clever! I might keep it out of the bathroom because of the felt, but how perfect for getting kids to reach their own toys and books on a higher shelf. ($45, Wooderful Creations; $55 for two-step)


Handpainted gypsy pattern step stool on Etsy

It’s definitely a splurge, but wow, I’m blown away by the gorgeous detailing on this hand-painted gypsy style painted step stool. It comes in a bright beautiful green or a pretty navy, and they’re even varnished so they can be used outdoors. ($144, Painted Gypsy Jones; ships from the UK)


Hand painted Mondrian step stool for kids Be still my mid-century loving heart, for I have stumbled upon this Mondrian painted step stool and I’m in love. How cool for a more modern bathroom, or any scheme featuring primary colors. ($79, Sharon Goldstein 4 Kids: ships from Israel)


Convertible modern step stool: Turns into a magazine rack when kids have outgrown it
If you really want to get years out of a step stool? Try one that becomes something else later. The convertible StepUp modern step stool is beautifully crafted by woodcrafter Todd Herlitz, but it’s really just made for younger children, since it only holds 70 pounds. However after that, flip it on its side and it’s a modern magazine holder. So clever.  If you want a larger one, there’s also a stepstool for two (shown at very top) that’s a little wider and can hold up to 100 pounds. And the color choices are just fantastic. ($100, Spring Modern; $135 for larger version)