Hi, my name is Liz and I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones. So I’m cheering that the show has¬†earned¬†24 well-deserved Emmy nominations — though oddly, no nods for comedy after that really bizarre Sandsnake fight scene in Dorne. In any case,¬†while¬†our children may be too young to watch the show (I told mine that¬†30 was an appropriate age), they’re not too young to know that¬†W is for Winterfell. Or White Walker. Or, WHAT¬†THE¬†$&*!-ING ¬†$&^%! which is pretty much what I screamed¬†as the closing credits rolled after¬†every episode this past season.

Okay, maybe kids are a little young for that too.

So just for you cool GoT loving adults, I rounded these extremely awesome Game of Throne ABC picks. Or as the Dothraki might say, Hazi davrae!



Game of Thrones ABC cross stitch pattern download from Amazing Cross Stitch

Geeky Game of Thrones Cross Stitch ($8, PDF pattern from Amazing Cross Stitch )

We’ve shared the wonderful¬†alphabetical cross stitch work from this Etsy shop before, including homages to geekery from Harry Potter to Star Wars to Dr Who. I love Delilah’s original idea to just use the letters you want to spell out a child’s name or family name. That’s pretty Cersei – Osha – Osha – Littlefinger.


Game of Thrones ABC mug

Game of Thrones Alphabet Tote on Society 6

Game of Thrones Alphabet Print ($18 by Mike Boone at Society 6.)

I really love this print which personifies all the letters by turning them into the characters themselves. They’re so good, I don’t even need a key¬†for most of them — is there any mistaking Danaerys, John Snow, or Melisandre? (Man I hate her.) ¬†Also available as a mug, phone case, tee, or very cool tote.


Game of Thrones ABC t-shirt. (But how is T not for Tyrion!?)

Game of Thrones ABC T-shirt ( $21.57 on sale by Woah Morning at Skreened)

For something a little more graphic and less cute, check out this tee. I love the style¬†though I admit I question some of the letter choices. F is for Fear? T is¬†for Targaryen and not even Tyrion? HOW CAN¬†YOU FORGET TYRION?! Hm…I’ll have to think about that one. And why I’m so upset that I’m using all caps?


Song of Fire and Ice ABC poster and gifts on Society 6

Song of Fire and Ice ABC poster ($18-50 unframed by Samtronika, Society 6)

I kind of like this ABC poster which feels like a family tree. And props to the Iron Throne making the I slot.
Nice touch considering that’s what it’s all about.


Game of Thrones Embroidered ABC project | Amandinesix on Deviant Art

Game of Thrones embroidered alphabet project (Amanadinesix on Deviant Art)

It’s not for sale but I can’t stop examining¬†the wonderful detail Amanda¬†put into each character, with extra emphasis¬†of the great female characters including Ygritte, Arya, and Margarery and Olenna Tyrell. Even Sansa Stark, who deserves way more prominence in these ABCs. Hey, she’s going to be an X-Men!

For bonus nerdery points,¬†check out the artist’s really impressive Instagram account¬†and you catch¬†shortm time-lapse videos of her creating each character.


You Spawned listeners may know Kristen hasn’t yet caught up — as in, she has watched zero episodes of Game of Thrones —¬†but I’m working on her. Any help is welcome.¬†