Our friends at Tinyme, they of the generous free printables we often publish for our readers, happens to also design some things worth spending money on. In time for back to school, you have to check out their range of personalized backpacks and bags for kids, which is pretty mind blowing. From backpacks of all sizes to mini messengers, book totes, pencil cases, duffels, swim bags and more, you can chose from red, navy or pink and then get ready to spend like, oh, a better part of your day playing around with the hundreds of personalization options.

personalized backpack with British icons from Tiny Me

Custom personalized backpacks for kids in three sizes at Tiny Me

Personalized pencil pouches in hundreds of combos at Tiny Me

Custom backpacks with hundreds of personalization options for boys and girls at Tiny Me



I cannot stop customizing them. CAN’T. STOP.  I have a zillion things to do and I just keep putting designs and names on backpacks and changing the colors and type and…I’m just saying if your kid is anything like me, plan a good hour for them to pick one. Maybe more.

Also, as you scroll through the various designs, be sure to get to the options featuring your own child’s illustration, which you can personalize down to the color of the hair, eyes, shape of face, hair style, and even add glasses or hair accessories. Though I will say the redheads do seem to skew a bit more orange than strawberry blonde if you’re picky. But still — excellent, diverse range to cover most any kid.

Custom backpacks, totes and messenger bags with your child's illustration at Tiny Me
The reviews are fantastic — just some minor complaints about things like “they don’t have a bottle holder” (as described) or “the medium was too small” (be sure to check the dimensions before you order) or “it doesn’t come in purple” (hmm…) but otherwise I think my kid would be thrilled with any of them. The only real downside is that you may have to wait a couple of weeks for them to arrive.  Good fortune for those of us with later school start dates.


Find the personalized backpacks ($35-60), library totes ($28), mini messenger bag ($35) and way way more at Tinyme. Flat rate shipping is just $5 in the US, and for a limited time,  buy any bag and get a custom label pack free.