Yes, it’s to promote a movie, but that’s never stopped us from playing with¬†something totally fun online, like the new Get Peanutized website, in which you can turn yourself into a Peanuts character. ¬†You know you want to.

Hop online and in seconds (depending how picky you are) you can customize your hair, skin, clothes, and background, until you just may bear a resemblance to someone who should be doing that cute little dance next to Linus and Snoopy to a Vince Guaraldi piano theme.

Let’s just say I just did one (with my daughter’s help) and shared it¬†with with Kristen and her response was OMG!¬†What do you think?

Turn yourself into a Peanuts character!

My skin has not looked that good in years!

Then of course, my daughter needed a shot at recreating herself with her newly pink hair. Not sure it’s quite a perfect likeness but she did like the ability to add a friendship bracelet, a humongous smile, and shoes that look a lot like her polka dot Dr Martens.

Turn yourself into a Peanuts character and make it an avatar or wallpaper | Cool Mom Picks
When you’re done, you can save¬†as a profile pic, download as wallpaper, share to Twitter or Facebook…or, you know. Text your friend and then write a blog post about it. Worked for me.

Go ahead and visit the¬†Get Peanutized website.¬†Or as Charlie Brown’s teacher would say, Wah wah wah wahwahwhahhhh. And keep¬†an eye out for the Peanuts Movie coming out November 6.¬†