Here’s hoping Emily Post doesn’t roll over in her grave after our discussion about kids and manners on today’s episode of SPAWNED with Kristen and Liz. We share which manners are important to us: Please and Thank You, yes. Using Mrs. Last Name for every single adult they meet...well, not so much. Sort of. Turns out this topic is pretty complex and nuanced and we’d love you to weigh in with your own do’s and don’ts for kids.

And, if you want to laugh, we get into what seems to be our annual rant about Halloween costumes for kids. Why so pink? Why so sexy? So why culturally insensitive? (Eep.) Plus, our very special cool picks of the week.

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Links from SPAWNED Episode 17

– Kristen always loves Liz’s girls’ Halloween costumes. Aren’t they sweet?

– The stupidest of all sexy Halloween outfits in history.

– Here’s how a Washington Post columnist says children should address adults.

We’ve featured some creative ways to reinforce manners with kids, like bathroom manners art prints, these cool plates that help teach good manners, or this fun book that teaches dining etiquette to children.


Liz’s Cool Pick of the Week: The Bandolier iPhone case

Kristen’s Cool Pick of the Week: Trivia Crack app


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Vintage manners poster at top via VintageArchaeology on Etsy