If you’ve ever wondered how to get your children to practice good manners at the dinner table, perhaps these adorable plates can help do it for you? After all, it’s hard to refuse polite advice from a princess in pearls or a fancy-looking guy in a turban with a soccer ball.

Good manners plates for kids | Cool Mom Picks

The collection of Manners Plates for kids at the awesome online shop Little Circus are just delightful. They are written in French–after all, France is a place where they really do know good manners (unless you happen to be an American trying to speaking English in a Champs-Élysées-area cafe).

Each plate suggests a particular breach of etiquette, like I don’t put my elbows on the table, or I eat with my mouth closed. If you’re feeling bold, you can even get into more advanced fare, such as I put my fork to the left.

There’s not yet one for I don’t take my sister’s carrot stick when she’s not looking, lick it, then put it back on her plate. Weird. Maybe they don’t do that in France? –Liz

Visit Little Circus for a wonderful selection of clothing and gifts for kids, including the Manners Plates collection. You can also order through Luvocracy and help support Cool Mom Picks. Some styles are selling out, but add your name to the wait-list. Waiting patiently: also good manners.

And despite the suggestion to the contrary, we still recommend hand-washing melamine plates.


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