Today is the International Day of the Girl. And while we talk so much here about how important it is to empower and¬†educate our girls every day, if¬†they’re not even in school, both of those things are nearly impossible. So we thought one of the best things we could do today is share the¬†#62MillionGirls campaign¬†from the awesome¬†folks at¬†Girls Rising¬†in partnership with Michelle Obama. ¬†They’re¬†using the power of social media — and some major celebs — to help get the word out about the 62 million girls in the world, half of whom are adolescent, who are denied the right to an education.

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Shocking right? And what’s worse is girls not in school are¬†more prone to violence, forced¬†marriage, and disease.

Take a look at the site and you’ll see major¬†names¬†as diverse as¬†the President and First Lady (of course), Stephen Colbert,¬†Beyonce, Usher, Freda Pinto, Katie Couric, Coldplay, Hillary Swank, and more, who having been using their social channels to share what they learned in school,¬†and support the campaign. And their own stories are fascinating. Take a look.

But I think what is so cool that this project is not just for celebs. All you need to do is use your own strong and amazing voice  and put those Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to good use.

#62milliongirls campaign: tweet or instagram your story to support the 62 million girls not in school | GIrls Rising


Simply post your own message in bold to share what you learned in school using this format:

‚ÄúIn school, I learned ________.¬†#62MillionGirls¬†don‚Äôt have that chance.‚ÄĚ

Then add your own black and white photo — maybe¬†an old school photo of your own? ¬†Your¬†message will be included in the¬†#62MillionGirls Yearbook to raise awareness, and hopefully inspire action from world leaders and big donors. Then we think what’s really important is to share it with your own kids, both girls and boys, and explain what you’re doing and why.

Because if we can cut down that 62 million number, even just a single girl at a time, the difference we make can be huge.

For more info or to get started, visit the #62MillionGirls Yearbook campaign from Girls Rising and learn more about the Let Girls Learn collaboration with Peace Corps volunteer.