We love when our own readers share cool things with us, and in the case of Nicola Pravato of Next to Nicx, I’m so happy she brought to our attention her squee-cute kawaii Halloween printables that are awesome for upcoming Halloween parties.

She is one talented designer — we fell in love with her Stormtrooper easter eggs earlier this year — and I absolutely adore her style.

Check out the free downloadable templates and comprehensive instructions on her blog; they’re not your basic crafting 101 stuff, and you will need an X-Acto knife and some good quality paper to print on, but the results? Wow.

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Free printable kawaii candy corn Halloween treat bag  | Next to Nicx

Free printable kawaii candy corn goody bag

Free printable kawaii Frankenstein gift box for Halloween | Next to Nicx

Free printable kawaii Frankenstein Halloween gift box

Free printable kawaii ghost party gift box | Next to Nicx

Free printable kawaii ghost gift box

Kawaii Halloween cupcakes: Tutorial to make them out of white chocolate, or free printables to use as paper cupcake toppers  | Next to Nicx

She’s also got a tutorial for some seriously outrageous kawaii Halloween cupcakes which I could never do in a million years. But since she knows that she is the professional designer and I am not, she’s also made the designs available as simple free printable downloads, featuring  the world’s cutest bat, ghost, and Frankenstein monster. You can use them as cupcake toppers, or get creative with them – cut out the characters and tape them onto ready made goody bags, clip a ton of them to a string and drape it like a Halloween garland, or just let the kids decorate your front door with them for Halloween.

Good chance it will be the cutest front door on the whole block.

Visit the Next to Nicx blog for lots of fun craft ideas and inspiration, and be sure to check out Nicole’s Next to Nicx webshop for a few cute things for the upcoming holiday season. Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us, Nicole!