Looking for your Easter eggs to have a little more personality this year? We’ve got lots of amazingly creative ideas for pop culture Easter eggs that give a nod to those characters and creatures we all know and love, like our favorite superheroes, more than a few¬†Star Wars characters, and of course,¬†Minecraft. While some of these ideas¬†are so spectacular, only the most artistic among us should attempt, several ideas are totally doable.

In fact, good luck to those of you who are about to end up with two dozen Minecraft Creeper eggs.

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Frozen Easter Egg decorations from A Pumpkin and a Princess

Frozen-themed Easter Eggs (tutorial,  A Pumpkin and a Princess)

Are your kids over Frozen yet? How about now? How about now? Okay, so if you can’t beat them, make their Easter with this really cool idea using¬†faux eggs. That way your¬†Frozen-themed glittery Easter eggs will last a lot longer than a single holiday but hey, you’re more than welcome to use real egg shells too. This may require some serious crafting skills, but the finished project is pretty spectacular.


Minecraft Easter Eggs by Plain Vanilla Mom

Minecraft Creeper and Zombie Easter Eggs (tutorial, Plain Vanilla Mom)

Our Minecraft-obsessed kids will love these easy painted Minecraft Easter eggs that feature¬†both a Creeper and Zombie on them. And, if you remember to hard-boil your eggs, there’s no worry about these Creepers exploding all over your kitchen. Ha.


Minecraft Easter eggs from All For The Boys

As long as we’re thinking Minecraft, also check out these¬†free printable Minecraft Easter Egg stands¬†from All For The Boys which will hold whichever character your kids decide to draw on the front. We especially love that she used plain white eggs for this–no dyeing needed! How clever is that Minecraft chicken on the right, and the sheep in the middle? You might not know that but your kids will.




R2D2 Star Wars Easter Eggs from My Little Norway

R2D2 Easter Eggs (idea, My Little Norway)

If you didn’t think R2D2 could get much cuter, check him out as an Easter egg. The perfect shape! Copy the pattern here¬†with some blue and gray markers and you’ve got your own.


Star Wars' Death Star decorated Easter Egg on Imgur

Star Wars Death Star Easter Egg (idea, Imgur)

We’ve seen a few Death Star painted eggs, but how¬†genius is this one with a crack in it? Just one careful “tap” of the egg is all it takes¬†to make this incredibly detailed Star Wars Death Star egg perfect.


Star Wars Stormtrooper Easter Egg from Next to Nicx | We found a printable stencil to make it

Star Wars Stormtrooper Easter Eggs (idea Next to Nicx)

Come to the dark side,¬†Easter eggs. We love this Stormtrooper egg, for those who believe it can’t all be about cute bunnies and pastel chicks.


Minion plastic Easter Eggs by Happy Home Fairy

Minion Plastic Easter Eggs (tutorial, Happy Home Fairy)

Be do be do be do! Invite a whole bunch of minions to your annual Easter egg hunt with this adorable idea. Whether you group them together in a bowl for the kids’ table, put them in Easter baskets, or place them around the yard for an¬†egg hunt, this is one fun way to add a bunch of personality to plastic eggs. Or you could make them with real eggs, just by dipping one side in bright yellow, letting it dry, then dyeing the other side blue.

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Minion decorated Easter Eggs by We Have Aars

Good and Evil Minion Easter Eggs (tutorial no longer available, We Have Aars)

I¬†had to laugh seeing the bright purple “evil” Minion Easter egg, which would be a fun¬†project for older kids to tackle. Nestled next to his loveable “better half”, let’s hope these two don’t crack up before dinnertime. (Ha, couldn’t resist.)


Emoji Easter Eggs by Studio DIY

Emoji Easter Eggs (tutorial, Studio DIY)

Our texting-crazy kids will flip for this Emoji Easter Egg craft that we recently shared. (Face with Stuck Out Tongue and Winking Eye is definitely a favorite with our kids.) Follow the step-by-step directions for a dozen different yellow emoji people to get us all started. Of course we are sure our kids will come up with a few of their favorites to paint as well. Hopefully not the poop.


Justice League Superhero Easter Eggs by Shelly & Milo Cold at Gaming Angels

Justice League Superhero Easter Eggs (designed by Shelly & Milo Cold)

The most-super Easter eggs we’ve seen, these JLEGGS (or Justice League Eggs) are ready to fight for truth, justice, and¬†more of the red jellybeans, less of the yellow ones.


Superhero Easter eggs by Acericorico

Alternatively, Sandra Garcia of Acecorico made some amazing¬†superhero Easter Eggs¬†for her very lucky kid. Batman’s ears and Thor’s wings are pretty inspired.

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Hello Kitty Easter eggs from Mommy Brain Reports

Hello Kitty Easter Eggs (tutorial no longer available, Mommy Brain Reports)

Almost too cute to eat, I like how sweet little Hello Kitty Easter eggs are, and how easy they are to make. A couple of Sharpies should do the trick, but teeny bows applied by your littlest decorator make them special.


Adventure Time printable costumes for Easter Eggs by HalloweenCostumes.com

Adventure Time Easter Egg Printable Costumes (free printable, HalloweenCostumes.com)

Finn, Jake Princess Bubblegum, and the rest of the denizens from the Land of Ooo are covered in these cool, free printable “costumes” that you can sheathe your eggs in. If you want to go nuts, try matching colors to costumes, like dyeing the Ice King deep blue, or getting Jake a vibrant orange.


EVE from Wall-E Easter Egg by My Little Norway

EVE Easter Egg from WALL-E (designed by My Little Norway)

WALL-E’s beloved EVE is already sort-of egg shaped, so it makes perfect sense to turn her into an Easter egg. Just some markers or black and blue paint with a fine-tipped brush, and you’ve got¬†all the supplies you need for our favorite¬†Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator. Just do not let the kids see if she can really fly.


Hipster Easter Eggs with mustaches by It's Always Autumn

Hipster Easter Eggs (tutorial and printable, It’s Always Autumn)

Oh like we could do a pop culture Easter Egg post without including one ubiquitous mustached hipster dude in here?  The free printable tattoos are super easy to affix to any hard-boiled egg and will definitely look better than any freehand drawing I could do.


Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs from Instructables

Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs (tutorial, Instructables)

Definitely for the more-skilled artists out there (we know you’re out there!), these Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs would make any little gamer’s day. Although where’s Princess Peach? Our girls would not be happy with her absence here.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter Eggs from Lemon Lime Adventures

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Easter Eggs (tutorial, Lemon Lime Adventures)

We’re not sure if parents or kids will be more excited about seeing Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Donatello on their eggs. Especially since they just announced the sequel is about to start filming around this Easter.¬†Traditionalists could use bright-green dyed eggs too, but the plastic ones make it a good¬†Easter craft for littler ones.


LEGO Minifig Easter Eggs by It's Always Autumn

LEGO Minifig Easter Eggs (printable and tutorial, It’s Always Autumn)

We can’t think of one LEGO fan who wouldn’t be psyched to find a dozen¬†LEGO Minifig heads peaking out of the egg carton on Easter. The¬†free printables on tattoo paper make an easy decoration to stick¬†onto all-white, hard-boiled eggs, and the simplicity of the designs actually make a bowlful of these more cool¬†than campy.