Postpartum recovery can be quite a challenge, and if you’re a new mom or about to be one, take a look at SRC Recovery Shorts. They’re recommended by healthcare providers¬†to¬†help speed up the healing process and get your pre-body back so you can start feeling like your old self again.

The medical grade compression of the shorts is designed¬†to hold fluid in one central place¬†so that your body can get rid of it faster, while the abdominal support panel helps hold muscles together. Yet they’re still designed to be comfortable without restricting movement.

And because you’ve experienced¬†the pressure and weight of carrying a baby for nine months, there’s a¬†special pelvic floor panel of the shorts that works¬†to strengthen your¬†perineal muscles and get them¬†working¬†together with your core. And you know how important that is, if you’ve ever heard the word “kegels.”

SRC Recovery shorts help support your postpartum body with medical grade compression, and can help you get back to your pre-pregnancy body faster  [sponsor]

The¬†compression shorts are¬†also a good option¬†for moms¬†who have had¬†a c-section, since the¬†panel can protect your¬†stitches when you’re¬†moving around with the baby, and help improve circulation to the wound site which can then speed up the healing process.

And besides all the health benefits, SRC Recovery shorts can even help you avoid the jelly belly look. Hooray for that.

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