I learned soon after becoming a mom that there are just some years I will not get my you-know-what in order in time, to be able to send out holiday cards. New Year’s cards are a terrific alternative as we’ve suggested before, but look, holidays can be a busy time. Even after Christmas. We get it.

So if you have even the teeniest bit of guilt about it (or should, say, one relative in particular be giving you a hard time about not having your children’s latest photo next to all the others your perfect brothers and sisters and cousins sent) go with our next best solution: Photo Valentine’s cards.

I once sent out professionally printed, personalized photo Valentine’s cards featuring my girls, and it was a delight for everyone who received one. It was so unexpected, and gave them a little bit of sunshine after the holiday cards of December had already made their way to…well, wherever they made their way.

Plus, I still have one up on my bulletin board. There’s something about a “love” message that feels more timeless than a holiday message and I love looking at it from time to time.

Feel free to use my trick. Really, it’s a good one.

There are obviously lots of photo card companies that are excellent, but check out Paper Culture, which just launched a brand new line of photo Valentine’s Cards that all happen to be on sale right now too. I always love their quality and style, plus the fact that every purchase of their eco-friendly cards plants a tree.

With about 75 different designs, I bet there’s one that feels right for you.

Tip: Send personalized photo Valentine's cards to friends and family as a nice surprise, especially if you missed getting out holiday cards!

Cool personalized photo Valentine's cards to send to friends and family, via Paper Culture

Plus now you’ll seem like the cool iconoclast of the family, doing your own thang — and not the frazzled parent who just didn’t get out the holiday cards this year. Boom.

Check out the new personalized photo Valentine’s Cards at Paper Culture, which are 30% off right now!