For years we’ve been letting kids color in their own bags, t-shirts and coloring books, so why not give adults a chance? Now LILLEbaby has jumped all over that, with the clever new LILLEbaby Color Me Carrier. This is more than a gimmick to sell some sub-par carrier — we’ve named LILLEbaby among our favorite carriers, as well as a top travel essentials for babies that are worth the money. But now, you get all those smart features of their Complete Original carrier– the six options, extra lumbar support, a sleeping hood, and even that wonderful pocket we raved about — in a fun new fabric featuring stars and peace signs and various doodles that you can color in, to pass all that awful third trimester waiting time.

Very zen.

Just think of the style possibilities: Fan of neon? Want something in Pantone’s dreamy pastels of 2016? Shades of blacks and grays? Order some fabric markers off Amazon (where you can also by the Color Me Carrier) and have at it.

LILLEBABY's new color me carrier is like top rated baby gear meets the adult coloring book trend. Fun!

But what I think would be particularly neat, is to hand it over to an older child. Let the sibling-to-be color in the LILLEbaby carrier, as a way to get them excited about contributing when it comes to the new baby.  At least if you can bear to see some coloring oopsies on your nice new carrier. But hey, it’s better than on the walls, right?

Find the brand new LILLEbaby Color Me Carrier at our affiliate Amazon with free Prime shipping, or at the LILLEbaby website. They have 7 other styles as well should you prefer someone else to design your carrier for you.


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